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Transcript of 5757.8.18.1: Elizabeth Earl Jones to May, Emmie, and Cammie Jones, July 9, 1917

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The Close Park Row Knightsbridge London - S.W. England July 9 - 1917 Dearest May, Emmie, & Cammie: Will: - an air-raid is not just my idea of Heaven, but we are not frightened and not downhearted, although they dropped leaflets saying they were coming again. In this house we [The following is written along the left side of the page] This is dear Papa’s birthday.

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knew nothing of it until it was right upon us. We went into the cellar & declared the truth outloud. They passed right over our heads but the nearest explosion was some way off, although it sounded as if each bomb was coming right through our roof. The noise is awlful - it took me all day to get over

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it, and I was not frightened, either. The people here have great self control. They never lose their heads or get excited. The loss of life was not as great as last time. If we work right they should never be able to get here again. The 4th of July was wonderful. I think it was noble of England to celebrate it as she did. From all points the Stars & Stripes floated on high, & the shops were decorated in them & in some big shops the shop-girls were dressed in red, white, & blue & gave to each customer a small American flag. Speeches were made & the newspapers were eloquent, magnamimous, & noble. I never saw a more royal celebration of the 4th in America than was here. At church

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2 that night, (Wed. night) I was quite a center after service - lots of people came up to shake hands & say “If we today had been in your place then - we would have done the same thing, & we are glad you did it.” - meaning the Revolution & Declaration of Independence. One lady brought me

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a big bunch of roses- & another pinned a flag on me. The unity is glorious. The Lord Chief Justice of England (Lord Reading) whom I met last weekend at Mrs. Guest’s country home - said he got the Monitor regularly & he thought it a most excellent paper. Are not the editorials in it now wonderful! Our

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boys landed safely as you know & may soon be in the fighting line. I wish I could have seen them. I have loads of invitations to visit beautiful country homes, one to visit the Isle of Wight, - but it costs so much. I cannot afford it, so stay at home generally & say I am “busy”. I meet such interesting people when I do go - that I hate to miss them - but I cannot go beyond my means. The strawberry season is just over & the most wonderful berries I ever saw! This promises to be a good fruit year but we have no sugar! alas! Roses in England are like they are in California - glorious, - they are just about over now. I have to wear heavy winter underwear, & my coat, too, most of the time. We had only 3 or 4 hot days. This climate keeps me busy. John Doorley is to lecture here next week. I heard him about 3 weeks ago. We have such a happy household [The following is written vertically at the top of the page] here at the Cose. I am very happy but often long to see you all and hear from home. I have not heard for about a month. Lots of love to you all, to all our friends. Affectionately Lillie Love to Charles

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