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Transcript of PC1914_0042: Sarepta Revis to Daniel Revis

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NC Henderson County June the 7 1863

My Dear loveing Husband I am bless with the presant time to drop you afew lines to inform you that I am well at this time and I do hope and trust that theas few lines may finde you enjoying the same like blessing I receive your letter yes terday with plesure I was so glad to hear from you but I am sorry to hear that you have got so faroff from me I have bad news to rite to you at this time for the war has commence hear at last thear was 15 of Capt Casees men come home three Statons three Longs bob Beding field and sevral others and out of 15 about [chalk?].

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has gone back Liutenant garron come after them and got about half of them to goe back the statons aint gone back nor tha never will all go back Liutenant garron tuck sevral men with him and went after ruben and Ambers Staton and one of them shot garron and kill him he dident live more than hour and half then the men that was with garron shot at rube and Ambers and wounded them but tha never got them but Ambers wound kill him he only live about one day and night

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and rube was wouned in the shoulders and I dont no whear he is I hear that the men is runing a way fast hear of late and the malishey is out a trying to gether them up but tha come slowe speed at it for tha aint gott but four or five yet and tha hav been gone aweek and tha say that the runaways sends word to Col [??t?] ned that tha wil meet him in any old field and take afight with him and his men but tha aint done it yet nor I dont beleive tha will for I thinck tha are [boull?]; afraid

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to come in contack with each other thare is more dezerters than thare is malishey hear but some of them has gone angive up to go back I am sory to hear that was in Kentucky I am afraid I never will get to see you any more on earth for I hear that the yanckeys has run you all back agood ways I aint rote to you in two weeks for I hear that you had left clinton I have move to fathers and clint and Ellen has move there too I want you to rite to me soon and offen as you can so no more but far you Sarepta S Revis Well for this time to D. W. Revis

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"Letter: Sarepta Revis to Daniel W. Revis, June 7, 1863". Daniel W. Revis Letters. Private Collections. State Archives of North Carolina.
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